Grow Nutrient
Botanical growth stimulants are formulated from plant extracts. They generate robust plant growth which is more tolerant of changes in environmental conditions. 

The most beneficial botanical growth stimulants contain lipid-soluble properties which act as a stimulant to improve vegetative growth and intake of micro nutrients. Regular application can reduce your plants susceptibility to damage from disease and insect infestation. 

Meeting all of these criteria, we have found one of the best botanical growth stimulants to be DNF Enhance.
Enhance is 100% natural, efficiently biodegradable and has no environmental impact. 

Enhance is safe to use with your existing nutrient or as a foliar spray.
Enhance - 125ml ($12.99) | 250 ml (22.99)
4L ($199.99)
**For Use in Grow Stage**
(Weeks 1 & 2)