Bud Aid
This concentrated combination of nitrogen, calcium, magnesium, chelated iron and chelated zinc allows you to perform quick, effective, lifesaving “CPR” on your plants. Revive is guaranteed to rejuvenate your crops if they get into the most typical kinds of nutrient-deficiency trouble – which they can if something unexpected and beyond your control occurs, and especially if you are using inferior nutrients! Our R&D team has determined that the most important factor in saving your crops is time, so don’t wait to employ Revive by adding it to your nutrient solution or using it as a foliar spray at the first sign of trouble. These rejuvenating substances race into your plant’s roots or leaves, get rapidly distributed throughout its vascular system and flood the plant with healing nutrition! If you do that in a timely manner, you’re precious plants will get their best chance not only to survive, but also to thrive
Revive - 1L ($43.99) 
**Follow directions - use to correct deficiencies or  part of regular feeding program**